Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Breaking Down "SALON SPEAK"

Hey There,

As a salon owner, it's my job to make you feel comfortable and pampered when you come to Adorn Style Lounge.

Recently, a client confessed to me that she didn't understand some of the newer techniques and terminology that salon stylists use, and thought she might be missing out.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share industry language, and how you can ask for what is right for you (and the price, too)!

Happy learning!
Melinda Mullen
Owner, Adorn Style Lounge

Demystifying the Terms & Techniques

Stylists casually throw out terms that we assume everyone knows: partial highlight, full highlight, toners, glazes, etc. Even those who give their undying trust in their stylists must wonder, "What?!"

This crash course on the "School of Hair Color Techniques" will not only shed some light on what your hair is going through, but might help you understand pricing menus and make you feel more comfortable for splurging on those extra services. In any case, please know you can always ask how much the service will be! We know this process can be overwhelming, let us help breakdown all of your choices to find your perfect color and when it is time to leave the salon you not only have fabulous hair, but I confident mind-set to match it.

Permanent Hair Color

This is a great option for clients who want to cover grey or go lighter than their natural shade. It also gives your stylist the ability to change your hair color to a variety of shades. But remember, when working with permanent color we are not able to lighten previously colored hair with color.

Demi/Semi Permanent Hair Color

These colors are gentler than permanent color and are perfect for clients that are just being introduced to color. No peroxide or ammonia is used in these formulas. They can help blend grey but not completely cover it; they can not lighten hair but can be used to change tone our add depth to your hair. For example, try some red, or darken and add richness. This service usually lasts around four weeks and is perfect for those with 'commitment issues.'

Single Process, All-Over Color

This method refers to the application of color to your entire head of hair. We can use permanent color or Demi/Semi color. This is great for someone wanting to cover grey and usually requires touch ups every four to six weeks.

Highlights, Lowlights, and Weaves

These techniques create dimension by not coloring every hair. We weave small pieces of your hair and apply product that can lighten (highlight) or darken (lowlight) your hair. This process usually involves foils that keep colored hair separated, protecting the rest of your hair. There are so many different looks you can achieve with weaving, commonly called highlights and lowlights. We usually recommend every seven to ten weeks for touch ups.

Partial versus Full Highlights

A partial highlight pertains to the top section and the sides of the head that are either highlighted our lowlighted, while the underneath portion of the head is not colored. A full highlight means the entire head, from your forehead to the nape of your neck, is highlighted or lowlighted.


This coloring method creates a very natural look. We apply color by painting free handed, directly onto hair with no foils to add depth or to lighten. The result is a very low maintenance highlight or lowlight that is very blended and requires fewer visits. Touch-ups are recommended every ten to twelve weeks but can sometimes last much longer.

Double Process: Highlights with an All-Over Color

This service combines all over color with highlights. This gives us the ability to cover grey, lighten or change the shade of existing color while adding multiple tones with highlights. A retouch is recommended every four to five weeks while highlights are retouched every eight to ten weeks.

Toners, Glazes, and Glosses - Oh My!

Toners and glazes are used to balance out the tones and shades of any hair color. They deposit shine and can add color to faded-out ends. A gloss produces the same effect, but is done in clear for just adding shine. These products also can help close down the cuticle, allowing the hair to reflect light.

As the seasons change and summer is just around the corner, the desire for change seems to always be triggered within us. Perhaps this crash course on the "School of Hair Color Techniques" will help give you some inspiration, ideas, and that extra boost of confidence to achieve the look that you want on your next salon visit. We hope this has helped to demystify your color options, we welcome any questions and input from our clients.

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