Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ahhhhh.... fall is finally here!

As much as we all love the desert heat, there comes the time every year when you think, "I would give anything for it to be cool enough to wear a sweatshirt!"
Well, it's finally that time. Unpack the sweaters and the hoodies, open the windows, and cook up some comfort food.

While you're at it - how about changing OUT of your comfort zone and add a little seasonal sizzle to your hair?

When's the last time you considered going red? I mean, it's the time for changes, right? Live it up; redheads can get away with SO much attitude!

Melinda Mullen
Owner, Adorn Style Lounge

by Summer Aston

We all like sticking in our comfort zone, maintaining our standard blonde or brunette hair - nervous or scared to try something new, right? Not this time!

As the leaves and weather are changing (well, we wish they were in Arizona), make your personal change by adding some auburn or red to those beautiful locks of hair this fall.

You say RED? Yup. Red.

You may have in mind the bright, warm red; or even the cool, darker and deep reds that glimmer in the light! Our imaginations are limitless when in comes to this appealing color. We see wide ranges of red in celebrities' hair, from Emma Stone and her rich red color, to the natural-looking auburn of Amy Adams, or the vivid and eye-catching Rihanna (if you want to talk bright and spunky!).

No need to worry! At Adorn, the hairstylists and colorists are professionally trained, and are perfectionists you can trust! Bring in a picture, or even use our precise color swatches to let us know exactly what you want (don't worry, we won't bite!).

Now you're probably wondering how you'll keep that red hair long-lasting and fresh until your next visit? I would highly recommend the Bumble and Bumble Color Support Product line and using the True Red shampoo and conditioner (also available for blondes and brunettes in other colors). It will keep your red hair nice and smooth while enhancing the color at the same time. Who wouldn't think this was amazing shampoo and conditioner to use! It is here and available at Adorn Style Lounge.

Can't wait to see that luscious red hair of yours this fall!

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