Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FLAMBOYAGE! Unprecedented tool for a new and revolutionary approach to colour.

Now being offered by your color specialists at Adorn Style Lounge! 

A new revolutionary colour service borne out of creativity and technical skills it is a versatile, practical and simple tool used to achieve extremely natural-looking results. Creates a diffused and harmonious chromatic result all along the hair length and minimises the regrowth effect.

Innovation never arises out of chance, but from a repetition of reality that is carefully observed from a different perspective. This is the origin of Flamboyage, the innovative colour service that enhances natural reflects by spontaneously blending bright and saturated tones with natural bases, to create super-rich reflect patterns all along the hair length, whilst offering unprecedented creative freedom to hairdressers and colourists.

This is a practical adhesive strip that provides precise and creative colouring, selecting and isolating with a simple and fast gesture a small random amount of hair that firmly adheres to the strip, to become a new working surface.

Unlike other colour accessories currently on the market (aluminium foils, strips in various materials, etc.), Flamboyage Meche enables not only isolation, but also and especially the selection of a small and random amount of hair to be coloured.

With the help of this new colour tool, the colourist can achieve and easily repeat chromatic results that are unattainable when working free-hand along the hair length.

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