Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bee's Knees and Super Swanky, Darling!

We've all got it right now: Gatsby fever. From the Tiffany's ads "sneak peeks" of the jaw-droppingly gorgeous costumes in the movie, to the star-studded soundtrack and hints of Gatsby-esque style showing up everywhere...we can't get enough!

Baz Luhrmann's "Great Gatsby" delivers some serious eye candy (in addition to Leo, of course). In line with the era's decadence and glitzy hedonistic romps, the movie is bursting with color and eye-catching visuals. But most of all, we're excited for the elaborate costumes, hair, and makeup.

(Guys are also not forgotten some of the most influential looks for the coming season are inspired from Gatsby. I personally am in love with the men's cuts from this movie! Even Pauly D. From the Jersey shore is inspired with his new Gatsby- esque do what a huge improvement!)

The Daisy Buchanan 'Do:

Apply a smoother like Bb Straight to wet hair. Blow dry with flat brush without adding volume just smoothing any wild ends.

Use a flat iron to smooth any wavy pieces and holding the iron vertically using a swooping motion pull your bangs to the side.

Use pomade such as Bb Semi Sumo to control hair and add shine. It will smooth ends under as well as give your bangs some hold and definition.

Add an embellished headband to add femininity as well as some glam.

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