Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Make A Splash, Little Mermaid!

Release Your Inner Mermaid!

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by Kylee Despain

Who's the sexiest creature by the beach? None other than the elusive Mermaid! With classic wavy locks, her coif is only eclipsed by her exposed d├ęcolletage. Adorn can help you with the "do" - the rest is up to you!

Achieve this siren's look with a flat iron. The bigger the iron, the bigger the wave.

Blow-dry your hair out using a soft mousse, such as thickening mousse, to give some volume and hold.

Starting at the neckline, and using horizontal sections about as long and as wide as your finger, clamp & twist the flat iron 180° while holding the ends out in the opposite direction. Spin the iron slowly, but quick enough so you don't make dents. You basically want to clamp the iron and then "flip" it. Try using the iron on medium heat until you get really good at it. When you move the iron down your section you should see curve number one.

Just below curve number one, repeat the same flip motion but spin the flat iron the opposite way. The trick is to not pull too hard, attempting not to loosen curl.

Repeat the pattern again and again. Check your wave each time you make a new curve. Make sure you like the pattern.

Continue through the ends making sure to curl ends in and not flipping them out.

Do the whole head. Once you get going, it gets easier. Don't break up the waves with your fingers until the very end. First let them cool in the patterns you've created.

Last but not least, hairspray! This will add hold to the style for a long lasting beach bum do.

Need help getting it right the first time? Call Adorn at 480.491.7773 for a styling appointment, and we'll show you how you can recreate the look at home!

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