Monday, December 19, 2011

Day Six of great hair for the Holiday's!

Emily Blunt look's soft and feminine with her simple updo thought it would be great for Holiday dinner or a party. Here is the how to with five quick and easy steps. (also works great on second day hair!)

1} Spray Prep then Thickening Hairspray all over hair. Blow dry hair in different directions for a nice lift at the root.

2} Using a 2 inch barrel curling iron, create spiral curls (away from your face) all over and work through fingers.

4} At the base of the neck, create a ponytail. Tease the ponytail and split it in two then twist and wrap the hair like a ballerina bun at the nape of the neck with a nice messy texture secure with hairpins.

5} Finish with Spray De Mode Hairspray and Voila great Holiday Style!
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