Saturday, December 24, 2011

Something for the Men! Everything old is new again.

Hopefully all our great male client's have not given up on us!  We are dedicating one of our last day's to you.  Hopefully this will inspire some new styling ideas or possibly a new cut for this coming  Year!

Slicked back undercut

Who is it for

This hairstyle is great for someone a little more fashion forward. Good for: straight hair & hair that can be straightened

How to style it

Simply add Bb's Sculpting gel or for a firmer hold Bb's Gellac on wet straight hair and comb into place . Both will give you a shiny finish.  

For curly hair, add Bb's Straight Blow Dry on wet hair.  Then blow dry and follow with flat iron.  Finish it off with Sumo wax to hold in place.

Slicked hair with a side part

Who it is for

This is a hairstyle ideal for men with relatively straight hair as the hair is more likely to sit flat on the head complimenting the hairstyle’s "slick’"shape.

Those with curly hair can straighten or give it a straight blow-dry before commencing styling.


How to style it

Keep the parting straight.

For a wet slicked look: apply Bb's Gellac before parting the hair and then work the product with a comb all through the hair strands.

For a natural matte finish look: Part the hair first, spray some hairspray like Bb's Spray De mode on a brush and gently comb through the top layers of the hair. This will resist flyaway strands.

If you’re after the classic finish like the look popular in both the 1930's and again courtesy of Mad Men, then your product of choice will be Sumowax.

Shoulder length haircut

Who is it for

Any man with long straight hair or managable waves.

How to style it

When styling this look, create texture with a Bb's Surf Spray and Bb's Grooming Cream to eliminate frizz.

The styling for this works best if the hair is one-day old, as scalp’s natural oils assist in the creating texture. Or you can create the look by applying Bb's Texture on wet hair then finger blow dry to get that lived in look finish with Bb's grooming cream to tame any wild hairs.

Slick Hair Side Part
Shoulder Length Hair

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