Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day Six of Great Hair for the Holidays!

Dont let them intimidate you. You have to try what will be one of the new staples in styling for 2013. No more perfect barrel curls. The new texture is either more grungy undone waves or more of a fingerwave. Lets get stared 1) Start with dry hair. Brush hair and create a part to the side or down the middle. Mist hair with Bb Does it all spray. 2) I like to start at the top take a horizontal section about 1 inch thick by 2 inches wide. Curl this section up and pin out of the way. 3) Take the next section directly below the first one. Start with the same dimensions as you did on step two. This section you will curl under. then pin out of the way. 4) Keep repeating these steps all the way around the head. Let them cool before brushing out everything. 5) I like to finsh with a little Bb Brilliantine to smooth flyaways and add shine.
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