Friday, December 14, 2012

Day Two of great hair for the Holidays!

It's all about the scarf! Love how it looks like you would just pin the hair up and put a scarf on. Begin by applying Bb Thickening Hairspray to the hair and blow-drying it straight back, removing any hint of a part. Next place the scarf around the head about an inch from the hairline and tie it off-center at the nape of the neck , letting the ends the shoulders. Then with a little Bb Brilliantine roll the hair up as if you are going to do a French twist, instead folding the ends under to form a loop fan the hair out on top of the head. Spray with Bb Spray de Mode hairspray and your done. There's a little indication of the 60’s. The style is finished but has a look of effortless chic.
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